Common Areas

KMG Solutions common area projects offer a sense of attraction, safety, tranquility, social interaction, and functionality, in a simplistic yet stimulating design that clients want. At one of our projects, we created a high energy atmosphere for the public with multiple seating areas, entertainment gathering places, and serene cozy spots to attract and keep people visiting. The areas are multifunctional so that marketing and specialty leasing could provide various events year-round. It was designed and built perfectly, resulting in being voted Vegas’ best mall for the last 5 years.

Common area amenities provide many things to the general public. It displays a sense of attraction, safety, tranquility, socialness, and functionality to a mall. There is a delicate balance within the design to either make it a memorable experience or a disastrous one.

We approach each new development project as your advocate with the utmost integrity. As a representative of your project team, we work with the architects, designers, specialty consultants, leasing staff, tenants , and general contractors, through all phases of the project. We make the vital and educated decisions to ensure the quality that your project deserves while effectively managing and preventing soaring construction costs.

KMG Solutions has played the versatile and critical role of construction manager for a wide variety of new developments. We incorporate the viewpoints of all of the developer’s internal departments, the designers and the construction team to make the vision of the project a working reality. We were sensitive to the costs and schedule of construction while sustaining the Developer and architect’s artistic visions to make the project a success.

We  has worked with many developers to assist with planning, development, programming, proformas, and construction management. Although the release and implementation of construction was delayed due to the current global economic downturn, KMG Solutions provided sound planning, programming, and estimating for some exciting future projects.

An intense amount of focus was concentrated on the architect and general contractor to provide the developer with a high quality project within acceptable costs that will serve the needs of the community for years to come. Our integrity and advocacy for these developers has proven to be instrumental in solidifying long-lasting relationships and propelling the projects forward when the economy is more stable and development returns can be satisfied.

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