KMG Solutions understands that infrastructure on a large development has several facets of wet and dry utilities, which allow the project to develop and function. A considerable amount of design, cost, and coordination with various third-party entities is required. We know that clearance restrictions between underground utilities, elevation changes, ADA clearances, fire codes, drainage codes, and building codes can be a challenge but we strive to ensure that each utility needed for the development can fit at the most economical cost.

Public Improvements

such as road widening, modifying or installing new traffic signals, providing new sidewalks, street lighting & sequencing, bridges and  MSE walls are necessary to improve the lives of the community and the public.  KMG Solutions has successfully completed several public improvement projects.




Educational Facilities

While developing and building Town Square Las Vegas, KMG Solutions managed the design and construction of the utilities, site work, signage, and amenities for the Tenants that also included street lighting, parking lot lighting, and emergency call boxes; the children’s park; music systems; the Town Square park; holiday décor; water features; and security cameras. In addition, we ensured that the infrastructure could supply utilities to the Tenant spaces, such as power, telephone, gas, water, sewer, grease interceptors, and drainage.

While working on an operational mall, we ensure that the design, coordination, and construction are well thought out and planned, so that the general public is protected as Tenants must remain open for business, and the development’s image has to look seamless. KMG Solutions has been involved with many of these types of challenges from repairing biosphere ponds in the center of a mall, softening up the malls image through lighting, seating, and landscaped seating areas, to providing new operational doors and heating for semi-enclosed malls.

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