Educational Facilities

School Districts are one of the largest employers in any state. With the growing population, the need for these institutions has been at a steady rate over the last ten (10) years. Although schools have primarily a “cookie cutter” design, there are site planning and off-site improvements required like any type of developer. The bigger risk is in the fall protection and safety elements which need to be incorporated into the design and construction.

In the 1990’s, KMG Solutions teamed up with a construction company to build schools for the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) for their inner-city K-2 program in which the intention was to provide a quality two story structure on a small parcel of land for small children. LAUSD is the largest governmental agency in Southern California with the largest budget due to its population density.

During that build-out, there were unique challenges with the site and the weather which threatened to delay the project for thirty days. Due to innovative solutions and weather protection measures, the school did open on time for the teachers to set up their rooms
for the kids.

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