Public Improvements

KMG Solutions has worked on public improvement projects including as road widening, modifying or installing new traffic signals, providing new sidewalks, street lighting and sequencing, bridges, MSE walls, airport improvements, bridges, and fly-overs, which are necessary to improve the lives of the community and its public.

Roadway Improvements

Working with the planning and public improvement departments, KMG Solutions was integral in negotiating a phased development for the design and construction of the off-site improvements for Town Square Las Vegas. The phased agreement allowed the off-site improvements to be constructed concurrently with the onsite improvements, resulting in a compressed schedule for the developer.  We play a vital role in demonstrating and negotiating the developer’s needs for several traffic control devices for the numerous access points into the property.

KMG Solutions also assisted in the planning and construction of the fly-over (elevated left turn) for the estimated 65,000 cars that pass in front of Town Square Las Vegas each day. We were also the first vehicle allowed to drive on the fly-over and “break the banner” at its opening. To this day, it is estimated to be the most used access point into the property.



In the 1990s, KMG Solutions was involved with the Long Beach Truck Route of State Route 47 Vincent Thomas Bridge improvements. Scheduling of this project proved difficult due to the densely populated area as well as the amount of traffic along the bridge that connected the Port of Long Beach’s shipping and receiving with the rest of California’s freeway system. Major MSE walls had to be constructed along the existing bridge requiring additional structural support and caisson pilings.



During the 1990’s, KMG Solutions worked with various contractors on airport improvement projects located in southern California as well. The El Toro Marine Military Base runway resurfacing project and Ontario International Airport Terminal 2 maintenance and control improvements are a few of the projects in which we played an integral role. Each project had its own set of challenges requiring KMG Solutions  to interact with the state and federal agencies in order to progress the projects and assist with solutions to continue construction.


Reclamation Water Sanitation Plants

KMG Solutions teamed up with a major contractor to provide a complete restructuring of the Donald C. Tillman Water Reclamation Plant and its operations. Repairing the concrete holding tanks, new submersible pumps, new stainless steel chlorine tanks, electrical gear, and ducting were the main scopes of work for this project. At its completion, the plant was able to successfully provide sewer treatment and recycling of waste, and provide grey-water for state-funded irrigation. The plant in Van Nuys, CA, processes over 80 million US gallons (300,000 m 3) of waste a day, producing 26 million US gallons (98,000 m3) of recycled water.


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